Paul Fejos


Paul Fejos
USA 1928
64 min

The film, the classic topos of modernity, is a gift to cinema and the city of New York. It is also a weightless instruction of how an exact observation of a city using fairy-tale outlines can find itself and reveal something new. “Insight into the cities is linked to the deciphering of their dreamlike pictures,” writes Siegfried Kracauer. LONESOME was Fejo’s self-declared love film. Gerhard Gruber will accompany the silent version of the film on the piano.

  • Andy Devine - Buck Rickabaugh
  • Edgar Dearing
  • Glenn Tryon - Jim Parson/Der Mann
  • Barbara Kent - Mary Dale/Das Mädchen
  • Fay Holderness - Die gutgekleidete Dame
  • Gustav Partos - Der romantische Herr
  • Eddie Phillips - Der feine Kerl
  • Fred Esmelton
  • Edward T. Lowe Jr. nach einem Manuskript von Mann Page
  • Gilbert Warrenton
  • Frank Atkinson
  • Charles D. Hall
  • Gerhard Gruber
  • Tom Reed
Universal Pictures Corporation of New York
35 mm
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