Paul Fejos


Paul Fejos
DK 1935
81 min

The last feature film that Fejos made before he started making films about expeditions and anthropological research. It is an inventory of the possibilities of art in a world that attaches more importance to success than truth. At the same time it is a summation of the difficult path to the art of living. A film that appears as a personal commentary and farewell.

  • Bodil Ipsen - Elsa Bruun
  • Carl Alstrup - Feuerwehrmann
  • Aage Schmidt - Theaterdirektor
  • Carlo Wieht - Peter Clark
  • Victor Montell - Regisseur
  • Samuel Beskow - Schauspieler
  • John Price - Schauspieler
  • Petrine Sonne - Frau Sander
  • Aage Foss - Pförtner
  • Helen von Münchhofen - Fräulein Sheridan
  • Paul Fejos
  • nach Kai Munk
  • Louis Larsen
  • Henning O. Petersen
  • Lothar Wolff
  • Ferenc Farkas
  • Heinz Fenchel
Nordisk Films Kompagni, København
35 mm
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