Cristi Puiu
RO, FRA, CH, DEU 2010
181 min

An apartment kitchen: a man and a woman discuss “Little Red Riding Hood”, their voices hushed, mindful of waking the little girl sleeping in the next room. A wasteland on the outskirts of Bucharest: behind a line of abandoned trailers, the man silently watches what seems to be a family. The same city, the same man: driving through traffic with two hand-made firing pins for a hunting rifle. The man is 42 years old, his name is Viorel. Troubled by obscure thoughts, he drives across the city to a destination known only to him.

In the presence of Cristi Puiu, Ileana Puiu and Anca Puiu (producer).

  • Cristi Puiu - Viorel
  • Clara Voda - Gina
  • Valeria Seciu - Pusa
  • Luminitia Cheorghiu - Mioara
  • Catrinel Dumitrescu - Frau Livinski
  • Gelu Colceag - Herr Livinski
  • Valentin Popescu - Stoian
  • Cristi Puiu
  • Viorel Sergovici
  • André Rigaut
  • Ioachim Stroe
  • Vali Ighigheanu
  • Andrea Popa
  • Monica Florescu
  • Ana Andrei
Mandragora, Société Parisienne de Production, Bord Cadre Films, Essential Filmproduktion

The Coproduction Office

Stadtkino Filmverleih
35 mm
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