Special: Napoli, Napoli


Passionate Women
Tonino De Bernardi
I 1999
95 min

In Naples during the 1920’s: While AMORE TRAGICO is being screened at the cinema, so closely does Michael identify with the story, that he kills his unfaithful wife. In the present: Rosa and her mother are listening to Neapolitan songs that open up a world of romantic fantasies. Rosa’s sister kills her lover the day he marries Teresa, but the two women see him as though he were still alive. There are apparitions of madonnas and the appearance of a new character who brings past and present together.

With O CINEMA by Antonietta De Lillo

  • Anna Buonaiuto - Maddalena
  • Inês de Medeiros - Madonna
  • Iaia Forte - Rosa
  • Galatea Ranzi - Caterina
  • Roberto De Francesco - Michele
  • Mario Sesti
  • Tonino De Bernardi
  • Tommaso Borgstrom
  • Fiorella Giovanelli
  • Gianluca Costamagna
  • Lino Fiorito
  • Grazia Colombini

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