Special: Revolutions in 16mm

Les Années Scopitone - Jukebox-Filme aus den 1950er & 1960er Jahren

Les Années Scopitone - Jukebox Films from the 1950s & 1960s
div. 1970
80 min

Scopitones (1958–1969) could be seen after inserting a coin into a machine resembling a jukebox with a screen. They stood in railway stations, bars and other public places. In France they were particularly popular, hence the great number of French singers featured in these short films that are direct precursors of today’s music videos. Yet Scopitones were tremendously popular in (West) Germany, the UK, the US (since 1964) and in Arab countries as well. Produced on 16mm magnetic sound material in Eastman color, they unfortunately were prone to develop a pinkish stain – unlike the Scopitones produced in the US shining as bright in their Technicolor colors as on their very first day. Usually shot on one location, occasionally a Scopitone was filmed rapidly on the set of a feature film right after the last scene was shot. The program showcases hits by stars such as Sylvie Vartan (“Est-ce que tu le sais?”), Petula Clark (“Be Good to Me”), Debbie Reynolds (“Let’s Sing in the Sunshine”), Heidi Brühl (“Wenn du mir auch noch so schöne Augen machst”) and Alice & Ellen Kessler (“Bons baisers à bientôt“).

Collected and presented by: Bernd Brehmer, Werkstattkino München

TRT ca. 80 minutes


16 mm
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