Age Is

Stephen Dwoskin
GBR, FRA 2012
73 min

AGE IS meditates on the subjective experience and cultural concepts of aging. The film is an ode to the texture, the beauty, the singularity of aging faces and silhouettes, a hypnotic poem in the Dwoskin meaning of the term which is long observations of tiny details. A gesture, a pause, a look, a moment. In all his films intimacy has always played the leading role and this is also true for AGE IS, all the faces being close friends, or close friends’ relatives and sometimes even Stephen Dwoskin himself.

“Age is a question, a fear, something that may calm you, but first of all it’s a way of looking. Other people looking at you and you looking at other people. It’s words that qualify you, official letters that classify you. Age gets measured by an ellipse, in the photos of a bygone era, the re-discovery of old films, the existence of an archive. Those are the places that I wish to explore, like the memory of a path. unfortunately, age also means loss. The loss of things, people, friends. You become very lonely. That’s maybe one of the reasons why I want to ask my friends to shoot some images.” (Stephen Dwoskin)

  • Stephen Dwoskin
  • Rachel Benitah
  • Véronique Goël
  • Philippe Ciompi
  • Stephen Dwoskin
  • Tatia Shaburishvili
  • Alexander Balanescu
House on Fire, Illumination FIlms

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