El etnógrafo

The Ethnographer
Ulises Rosell
Argentinien 2012
85 min

EL ETNÓGRAFO takes us to the Wichí people in Chaco, Argentina, who have not long been sedentary, with a British ethnologist as our guide. To some degree a repentant ethnologist, John Palmer, rather than finishing his thesis, married a native and had a family. Rather than observing it from a distance, he chose to become part of this discreet and beleaguered community. He strives to support their cause, getting involved in law suits and confronting companies which pillage land that belongs to the people with complete impunity. However, don’t think you’re in for a social documentary, because Rosell seeks first and foremost to conjure up languor, creating a quasi romanesque atmosphere and a portrait of this man and his family, their gentleness and the way all of them are somehow exiles in another world. The tempo of the film lends itself to this delicate viewpoint, giving each and every scene the slow and rounded fullness of an affectionate analysis in which the sense of being uprooted is so subtly expressed.

  • Ulises Rosell
  • Guido De Paula
  • Francisco Seoane
  • Andres Tambornino
  • James Blackshaw
Fortunato Films

Fortunato Films

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