12 O'Clock Boys

Lotfy Nathan
USA 2013
76 min

This is a strikingly beautiful portrait of Pug, a young boy from a tough Baltimore neighbourhood who has a single goal: to join the 12 O’CLOCK BOYS, a gang of illegal dirt bikers who dominate the area. Forbidden to chase them for fear of risking accidents the police attempt to combat the bikers but find themselves continually tormented and provoked. Following along through several years in Pug’s life, we see his vital growth as he inches closer to joining the gang. Marching to his own drum, Pug’s determination has his mother at a loss. She tries her best to tame her child while dealing with the loss of his older brother. In one of the most beautifully and artfully crafted films of the year, director Lotfy Nathan presents an encompassing and unique look at a young boy seeking both inclusion and freedom. (Charlotte Cook)

In the presence of Lotfy Nahan.

  • Lotfy Nathan
  • Lotfy Nathan
  • Lotfy Nathan
  • Thomas Niles
  • Joe Williams
Red Gap Film Group, Prospekt, Mission Film, Aletherium

Lotfy Nathan

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