Image of movie Stories from the Sea
Image of movie Stories from the Sea
Image of movie Stories from the Sea

Stories from the Sea

Jola Wieczorek
Austria 2021
86 min
OV w/ GER subtitles & OV w/ EN subtitles

Every ship is a “reservoir of imagination”. This quote by Michel Foucault floats by at one point in Jola Wieczorek’s STORIES FROM THE SEA. A ship is a little world in motion. The Joanna Borchard, for example, moves across the Mediterranean sea. Casablanca, Barcelona, Marseille, Haifa. One member of its crew is somehow special: Jessica is a rare female apprentice in a world that can be considered “probably the most chauvinist domain”.
That is another quote in STORIES FROM THE SEA, which comes from a woman on another ship. The Viva & Tanimar seems like a vessel for an utopian way of traveling on water. A community of people from all over the world shares a ship and an idea: the Mediterranean as a common space of humanity. Amparo from Valencia, a passenger on the cruise ship Costa Diadema, would probably subscribe to that idea too.
Wieczorek weaves together stories of women at sea, and explores as much a state of place as one of mind. Crossing Stromboli at one point, the sea and the volcano united in the diaphanous black and white imagery of Serafin Spitzer, the movie recalls those times of imagining a life within sublime nature, while Jessica’s chores and Amparo’s idle days on her cruise are also elevated by the surrounding elements. (Bert Rebhandl)

In the presence of Jola Wieczorek and crew members.

Jola Wieczorek: ÈPOCA BAIXA (2013, K), BORDER CROSSERS (2013, K), LIST DO POLSKI (2014, K), O QUE RESTA (2015, K), AKERMAN, UN RECORD (2016, K)

  • Jola Wieczorek
  • Serafin Spitzer
  • Eva Hausberger
  • Nora Czamler
  • Benedikt Palier
  • Rubén Rocha
  • Julia Kent
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