Image of movie Camarera de piso
Image of movie Camarera de piso
Image of movie Camarera de piso

Camarera de piso

Lucrecia Martel
Argentina, Mexico 2022
12 min

There are themes explored in CAMARERA DE PISO: class difference, labor and gender violence. But this is not a topic-driven film, it is choreography, as it makes these topics move. It is also a literal dance: the main character, a woman training to be a chambermaid, moves through space, choreographed by her boss. Then trouble appears through a phone call and the offscreen space disrupts her movements. She dances differently. And then again. In twelve minutes, Lucrecia Martel makes three films: a labor drama, then a thriller, then a diva melodrama, all choreographed by Juan Onofri Barbato. (Lucía Salas)

This film will be shown as part of the screening SHORT FILM PROGRAMME 8: CHOICES.

  • Jorgelina Contreras
  • Daniel Valenzuela
  • Anaveli Acero
  • Lucrecia Martel
  • Federico Lastra
  • Iair Michel Attías
UNAM, Rei Cine

Rei Cine

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