Independence Day | © Viennale
Independence Day | © Viennale
Independence Day | © Viennale

Viennale-Trailer 2022: Independence Day

Sergei Loznitsa
Austria, Netherlands 2022
2 min

On August 24th, Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day from the Soviet Union, which was declared in 1991. It goes without saying that this year's state holiday looked somewhat different. Citizens of Kiev are inspecting burnt-out, damaged vehicles of the Russian army, which their rebellious government has lined up along Khreschatyk Boulevard. A creepily illuminating military parade, not so much a showcase of strength but rather presenting the outcome. At the same time, in line with Loznitsa's laconic editing, we find a testimony to the simultaneity of horror, habituation and ordinariness that characterises our present times. Except that these sirens do not howl for practice. 


Atoms & Void, Viennale


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