The Bay Filmstill

Recommended films: October 30


PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was quite nice, but don't we sometimes prefer a pinch of horror more epidemic than concerning one household? Nuclear semi-catastrophes have their own eery force of attraction, especially if the outcome of this affects our vital water, is a carnivore parasite and former state secret. Admit it! Homo homini blatta – Man-made psychological terror is moreish thrill.
But: Never forget that your flesh is observed in many markets. That media mashup is the message. Social commenting versus sensationalism. Both readings are worth it. (bk)




You are horror-stricken, if anyone knows more than you do, hardly ever rests while talking but anyway has to tell you something? This film will get you the chills! With Casanova's charme and Dracula's hook, inexhaustible power in quoting the whole intelligentsia between Italy and Sylvania it will turn your head with some sort of clever humor. You will taste blood. (bk)


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You can choose from HISTÒRIA DE LA MEVA MORT at Wednesday, October 30 at 5:30 p.m. at Gartenbaukino and THE BAY at Wednesday, October 30 at 11.30 p.m., also at Gartenbaukino.