Història de la meva mort

Story of My Death
Albert Serra
ESP, FRA 2013
150 min

The title presents a sardonic riff on 18th century italian Renaissance man Giacomo casanova. His memoir, “Story of My life”, recounts his lively travels across europe and his encounters with fellow luminaries of his era like Voltaire and Rousseau. But Albert Serra sets those re collections aside in favor of a dryly introspective look at casanova’s dwindling command over his legacy as it starts to fray when faced with changing times, a force manifested in the form of dracula. Serra has made a slow, cryptic work heavy with metaphor and implication but also riddled with details. yet it’s oddly his most accessible work, the first with scripted dialogue and something closer to a conventional plot. Casanova is a vivid character nevertheless rich with metaphor. Serra’s interpretation is something akin to an anti-biopic that turns the characters into symbols of history in flux. (Eric Kohn)

In the presence of Albert Serra and Montse Triola (producer).

  • Montse Triola
  • Vicenç Altaió Morral
  • Clara Visa
  • Noelia Rodenas
  • Eliseu Huertas
  • Lluís Marsanellas Serrat
  • Albert Serra
  • Jimmy Gimferrer
  • Joan Pons
  • Jordi Ribas
  • Àngel Martín
  • Enric Juncà
  • Joe Robinson
  • Ferran Font
  • Marc Verdaguer
  • Sebastina Vogler
  • Mihnea Mihailescu
  • Sebastina Vogler
  • Mihnea Mihailescu
Andergraun Films, Capricci Films, L’Age d’Or, Televisio de Catalunya (TVC)

Capricci Films

35 mm
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