Recommended Films: November 4

02 Nov 2013

Recommended Films: November 4


If the horrors of crime and violence are brought to the screen, this ends often in the hyperreal, excessive and explicit representation of what people can do to each other. Not so with the Cambodian director Rithy Panh who chooses a very different approach in his latest film L'IMAGE MANQUANTE:
Small clay figures come to life as representatives, telling the story of his childhood and youth, the loss of his parents to the Khmer Rouge regime. The moving pictures in between not only show the suffering of the population, but also present the official version in propaganda films and newsreels and thus question the truth behind the image or documentability of history in general.

Monday, November 4 - 3.30pm, Gartenbaukino



SALVO tells about the absence of pictures on another level: A hitman of the mafia shows inhibitions when he encounters on a mission not the supposed target, but a blind girl - the sister of the target. The film gives a voice to the perspective of the girl, her exposure, anxiety and fragility.
Antonio Piazza and Fabio Grassadonia produced with SALVO not only a psychologically dense pas-de-deux between unequal forces, but also an insightful reference to the circumstances of life in today's Italy.

Monday, November 4 - 11.30pm, Gartenbaukino


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