Dr. Broadway


Dr. Broadway

Anthony Mann
USA, 1942
68min, OF

Bild: Cinémathèque Suisse

Dr. Broadway

Anthony Mann
USA, 1942
, 68min, OF

Macdonald Carey
Jean Phillips
J. Carrol Naish
Richard Lane
Eduardo Ciannelli
Joan Woodbury
Arthur Loft
Art Arthur based on the novel by Borden Chase
Theodor Sparkuhl
Robert Emmett Dolan
Paul Sawtell

Paramount Pictures
35 mm

Anthony Manns Debütfilm ist eine Mystery-Komödie mit Macdonald Carey als Arzt, dessen Ordination am Broadway ihn zum zufälligen Retter für hilflose Opfer macht, die vor seiner Haustür landen. So kümmert er sich um eine junge Frau, die Selbstmord begehen will, und engagiert sie als Assistentin, um die vermisste Tochter eines Ex-Gangsters aufzuspüren, den er vor langer Zeit ins Gefängnis geschickt hatte. Das hat eine Mordanklage zur Folge ... Als Auftakt einer Serie gedacht, wurde DR. BROADWAY zwar zu einer schwindelerregenden Achterbahnfahrt, blieb jedoch ohne Fortsetzung.



Anthony Mann’s debut feature is a brisk mystery-comedy that follows Macdonald Carey as a physician whose office along the Great White Way makes him an unlikely savior and sleuth of the helpless victims and strange mysteries that land on his doorstep; or on nearby high building ledges, because it is there that he rescues a young woman seemingly about to commit suicide and then promptly hires her as his secretary and assistant on his improbable first case, tracking down the missing daughter of an ex-gangster who he long ago sent to jail. When the Doctor is accused of the ex-con’s murder the stakes are dramatically raised. Meant to be the first of a character-based series, DR. BROADWAY is a giddy and delightful rollercoaster of a film that packs more plot into its short running time than it probably should. Despite Mann’s impressive ability to weave together the crazy story lines while maintaining a nail-biting tension, DR. BROADWAY did not convince Paramount to invest in further adventures. (Haden Guest)