Retrospektive 2018

Dr. Broadway

Anthony Mann
USA 1942
68 min

Anthony Mann’s debut feature is a brisk mystery-comedy that follows Macdonald Carey as a physician whose office along the Great White Way makes him an unlikely savior and sleuth of the helpless victims and strange mysteries that land on his doorstep; or on nearby high building ledges, because it is there that he rescues a young woman seemingly about to commit suicide and then promptly hires her as his secretary and assistant on his improbable first case, tracking down the missing daughter of an ex-gangster who he long ago sent to jail. When the Doctor is accused of the ex-con’s murder the stakes are dramatically raised. Meant to be the first of a character-based series, DR. BROADWAY is a giddy and delightful rollercoaster of a film that packs more plot into its short running time than it probably should. Despite Mann’s impressive ability to weave together the crazy story lines while maintaining a nail-biting tension, DR. BROADWAY did not convince Paramount to invest in further adventures. (Haden Guest)


  • Arthur Loft
  • Macdonald Carey
  • Jean Phillips
  • Richard Lane
  • Eduardo Ciannelli
  • Joan Woodbury
  • J. Carrol Naish
  • Art Arthur based on the novel by Borden Chase
  • Theodor Sparkuhl
  • Robert Emmett Dolan
  • Paul Sawtell
Paramount Pictures
35 mm
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