Image of movie Dirty Feathers
Image of movie Dirty Feathers

Dirty Feathers

Carlos Alfonso Corral
USA, Mexiko 2021
75 min

Brandon träumt davon, ein Soul-Food-Restaurant zu eröffnen. Er möchte reich werden, er möchte Sicherheit schaffen für seine Frau Reagan und das Kind, mit dem sie schwanger ist. Doch die Drogensucht lässt ihn nicht los. Brandon und Reagan, eine junge Frau namens Ashley und andere, die in El Paso auf der Straße leben, sind die Protagonist*innen in DIRTY FEATHERS. Carlos Alfonso Corral hat früher mehrfach mit Roberto Minervini gearbeitet (der hier als einer der Produzenten fungiert). Die Wahlverwandtschaft ist unübersehbar: DIRTY FEATHERS zeigt in fast mystisch überhöhtem Schwarzweiß ein paar verlorene Seelen in einer amerikanischen Grenzstadt. (Bert Rebhandl)

After many years working as a camera operator for non-fiction master Roberto Minervini, Carlos Alfonso Corral enters the spotlight himself with his remarkable debut DIRTY FEATHERS. This troubling, yet deeply compassionate documentary forges a portrait of the people in and around “The Opportunity Center”, better known as the O.C., a homeless shelter in downtown El Paso, Texas, on the Mexican border. They include a young married couple looking to the future, a former photographer with post-traumatic stress disorder, a bi-polar man attempting college again, a sexagenarian anti-Trumpist, a gender-bending fairy, and a mysterious young woman whose lyrical, metaphysical narration ties these individual fates together. The handheld camera floats freely, ever attentive to gesture, body language, and movement, creating a space of patience, attention, and compassion that allow this diverse set of characters to do whatever feels right in the moment, to speak, to listen, to recall, to perform, to confess, to stay silent, to be; as the photographer remarks, they have to depict themselves. For Corral, there is no contradiction in placing the ugliness of life and its great beauty side by side; life is black and white, dark and light, grey and shimmering and everything in between. (James Lattimer)

Carlos Alfonso Corral: DIRTY FEATHERS (2021)

  • Brandon
  • Reagan
  • Ashley
  • Nathan
  • Nini Blanco
  • Bernat Fortiana
  • Cameron Wheeless
Pulpa Film, Cine Candela

Slingshot Films

Fr. 29 Okt
Metro, Historischer Saal
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