Mati Diop
F, Senegal, B 2019
107 min

Mati Diop, Französin mit afrikanischen Wurzeln, verbindet in ihrem Langfilmdebüt auf kühne Weise Geistererzählung, Flüchtlingskrise und senegalesisches Frauenbild. Auf Wunsch ihrer Eltern soll Ada einen Sohn aus reichem Hause, Omar, heiraten. Doch eigentlich gehört das Herz der jungen Frau dem mittellosen Souleiman. Der aber hat beschlossen, mit Freunden zusammen die Flucht nach Europa zu wagen. Bald heißt es, sie hätten die riskante Reise übers Meer nicht überlebt; doch Ada und ihre Freundinnen erleben rätselhafte Dinge, die auf eine Wiederkehr der Verschollenen hindeuten, wenn auch in verwandelter Gestalt. (Barbara Schweizerhof)

In Anwesenheit von Mati Diop.


A deep sigh of yearning can be felt throughout Mati Diop’s debut feature, which is haunted by love and loss, by departures and eternal returns. Her film begins with the harsh reality of power inequality: young men on a towering construction site are cheated out of their wages, leading some of them to seek better fortunes across the perilous ocean. Diop then shines her light back on the women left behind, coping with heart-stopping grief and becoming their own sort of agents of justice. The film touchingly zeroes in on one teenage girl, Ada, suffering in sadness and hounded by police. Building upon the hybrid experiments of her short and mid-length works (such as A THOUSAND SUNS and BIG IN VIETNAM), the French-Senegalese filmmaker melds ghostly, detective, and romantic elements. Her Dakar is inscribed with not only the quotidian realism of streets and homes, but also the ethereality of dream-like days, numinous nights, and the ever-mesmerizing sun and sea. “I like to set my films in the hyper-present, in order to make the past and the future circular,” Diop once told Film Comment. Her ATLANTICS breathes with a richness of texture one might feel in revisiting a classic, decades later. (Nicolas Rapold)

In the presence of Mati Diop.

  • Mama Bineta Sane - Ada
  • Amadou Mbow - Issa
  • Ibrahima Traore - Suleiman
  • Aminata Kane - Fanta
  • Fatou Sougou - Dior
  • Mati Diop
  • Olivier Demangel
  • Claire Mathon
  • Benoit de Clerck
  • Emmanuel de Boissieu
  • Aël Dallier Vega
  • Fatima Al Qadiri
Les Films du Bal, Cinekap, Frakas Productions

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