Street Subway


28 Sep 2020


In "materials" we ask filmmakers to send us images, statements, stories, videos or quotes that were important for creating their work or are a documentation of it. 

Preview Features

"All that is unintelligible is criminal in substance"

a production still from during filming, with Jarred Alterman our DP, stationed on a private balcony 400 metres from the intersection where Martha Wollner was performing her encounters.
rikers island
an aerial view of Rikers Island, the notorious New York jail which is positioned at the north end of the street (and which is due to close in 2026). the v/o in the film is testimony of a convict imprisoned in the jail.


Street Subway
the subway station platform signage of Steinway Street, the iconic place in Astoria, Queens where the film is made.
Warnell Research
a still from research i was doing into 'anthropometrics' from turn of the century policing techniques, used for 'profiling' criminality (and used to justify proto eugenic research in university environments): subject being measured in one of ten positions: methods pioneered by Bertillon in France.
Steinway Street Piano Factory
the steinway piano factory on steinway street, where the distinctive form of the pianos is manufactured and assembled. the film features a 'prepared piano' musical score, playing the entirety of the instrument, by Michelle Agnes Magalhaes.
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