I Love Beijing
Ning Ying
China 2001
80 min

Dezi is a restless young Beijing taxi driver. He meets people whose lives come and go far beyond his horizon. But when it comes to women his horizon has no limits. Following Dezi's taxi, we are taken on a voyage across Beijing. He is always on the move, people and places flow quickly in and out of his life. Dezi's floating between destinations and women is much like Beijing's own search for individual identity between disappearing ancient values and an unknown future in China. Along with the unfamiliar ambitious future comes the delusion of loving a world which doesn't love you.

  • Yu Lei - Dezi
  • Zuo Baitao
  • Tao Hong
  • Gai Yi
  • Liu Miao
  • Qiu Li
  • Ning Dai
  • Ning Ying
  • Gao Fei
  • Chao Jun
  • Song Qin
  • Ning Ying
  • Zhu Ziaomin
  • Wei Ning
Happy Village c/o Eurasia Communications Towercrest Plaza, Unit 824 3, Maizidian West Road Beijing 100016, China T 10 6415 9644

2 rue Turgot 75009 Paris, Frankreich T 1 49 70 03 70

35 mm
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