Dominic Angerame
USA 2003
1 min

Waifen Maiden is a kind of haiku and offers a prelude to Consume, which is inspired by the novel «Flicker» by Theodore Roszak. Consume was intended to explore the images captured in the flickering light of multiple projector beams. By utilizing superimpositions within the camera, one could experience the pulsating light and explore hidden imagery through use of the «Sally Rand» that Roszak refers to. Sally Rand was a burlesque star in the 30ies, but the device named after her in the novel is a filter that strips away surface imagery to reveal an «underside», the unseen (but felt) heart of the picture.

  • Zhanna Kleiman
  • Dominic Angerame
Dominic Angerame 20 Romolo Place #4 San Francisco, CA 94133, USA T 41 598 22 277

Canyon Cinema 145 Ninth Street #260 San Francisco, CA 94103, USA T 41 562 6225

16 mm
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