Kristina Konrad
CH, 2005

Twenty-five years after a revolution no one thought would be possible, European filmmaker Konrad returns to a land suffering from the wounds of war, with little hope for the future. Twenty years ago Konrad herself experienced Nicaragua as a place of utopian ideals, where people strived to achieve the impossible: to overcome poverty, inequality and political pluralism. But travelling through the Nicaragua of today, Konrad is very aware of great changes.

  • Ana Cecilia Rojas und ihre Familie
  • Magaly Cabrera und ihre Familie
  • Enrique Fonseca Gonzáles
  • Josefina Ulloa
  • Filip Zumbrunn
  • Konrad Bauer
  • Gudrun Steinbrück
  • Kristina Konrad
  • Christian Frosch
  • Dieter Meyer
maximage GmbH Filmproduktion Neugasse 6 8005 Zürich, Schweiz T 44 274 88 66

maximage GmbH Filmproduktion Neugasse 68005 Zürich, Schweiz T 44 274 88 66,

35 mm