V’18: OCTOBER 25 – NOVEMBER 8, 2018


V' 03


Emile de Antonio, Mary Lampson, Haskell Wexler
USA, 1976
88min, OF


Emile de Antonio, Mary Lampson, Haskell Wexler
USA, 1976
, 88min, OF

Billy Ayers
Kathy Boudin
Bernadine Dohrn
Jeff Jones
Cathy Wilkerson
Emile de Antonio
Haskell Wexler
Mary Lampson
Mary Lampson
Haskell Wexler
Chris Burrill
Linda Jassim
Carol Ortiz
Mary Lampson
Nina Simone
Phil Ochs

Produktion Action 27 Inc./Turin Film Corp.
16 mm

Watergate proved the system worked, proved that it worked (for) imperialism, racism, sexism, oppression anywhere. I felt tired. Until 1974 when I read «Prairie Fire: Political Statement of the Weather Underground». The Weather Underground? Our perception of them was formed by the media. McLuhan got it wrong. The message really is: whoever owns the media owns the message. So what we saw in the «Times» and CBS were trendy Wonder Bread reality sandwiches. Artificial coloring added. One-sided, sensationalist, all about «crazed terrorists» and bombers. But the people who wrote and distributed «Prairie Fire» werent crazed terrorists. Their voices were strong, analytical, rational. I wanted to make a film with them, collectively. And to find people who would be interested in making a new kind of didactic, revolutionary film. We formed a collective, Mary Lampson, Haskell Wexler, and I. Forming is easier than being. Haskell worked as a camera person for four or five days; the collective dwindled to two and Mary and I spent most of a year making the film. With a lot of help from many people. (Emile de Antonio)