Über Leben (OmdU)

Josh Josimovic
AUT, DEU 2014
45 min

ÜBER LEBEN narrates the eventful lives of Viennese Mitzi Fleischer, née Miriam Rosenblum, born in 1917, and my father, Leo Josimovic, born in 1932. The lives of these two people had taken a different course: Mitzi had to leave Vienna after Hitler’s annexation of Austria and, following quite an odyssey, eventually arrived in America, where she has lived ever since. My father opened his own radio shop back in 1955 in what used to be the Russian sector of Vienna, where he works to this day. As fate would have it, Mitzi met my father in Vienna when the Jewish Welcome Service invited her over. Arriving in the city full of distrust, she visited her old home in the second district, where she met Leo. A book my father had found decades ago during reconstruction works in his shop came into play and got the ball rolling. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship for both of them. (Josh Josimovic)

In the presence of Josh Josimovic and members of the film team.


  • Renata Stanton
  • Falk Prahl
  • Josh Josimovic
  • Josh Josimovic
  • Matthias Meissl
  • Chris Scheidl
  • Heike Schugens
  • Benny Hiller
Andreas Josimovic Film- und Videoproduktion, Pirates ‘n Paradise, Randy & Abel Film

Andreas Josimovic Film- und Videoproduktion

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