Dominique Marchais
FRA 2009
123 min

During a stay in the Auvergne countryside Dominique Marchais became fascinated by the work and life of farmers, and in this film he conducts an investigation of contemporary agricultural policy. Travelling through the regions of France, he approaches both «industrial» and traditional farmers, as well as researchers and writers concerned with rural matters. Through interviews he explores a primary sector that is undergoing rapid change, and wonders about the way human beings treat the land's natural resources and draw on their own resources in quest of higher yields and intensive production. Alternating interviews with footage of the French countryside, Le Temps des grâces builds up a complex picture of contemporary agriculture, with its intensive usage, traditions and technology, and suggests some thoughts for a more auspicious future.

  • Dominique Marchais
  • Stéphane Malandrin
  • Sébastien Buchman
  • Olivier Jacquin
  • David Grinberg
  • Pierre Bompy
  • Baptiste Houssin
  • Olivier Garouste
  • Jean-Christophe Hym
Capricci Films

Capricci Films 27, rue Adolphe Moitié 44000 Nantes, Frankreich T +33 2 40 89 20 59

35 mm
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