Pierre Creton
F 2009
83 min

Enough for the context, protocol or narrative framework, as you may call it. Pierre Creton obviously chooses to broaden the subject to another dimension, leaving behind the usual sociological approach. His project is a free but strictly accurate adaptation of \"À la recherche du temps perdu\" (the text is read patiently, abundantly, intensely), as if the characters from the book were raising from its pages to become before our eyes the audience of their own life stories, the spectators to their own decrepitude. Rather than a sad inventory, Maniquerville brings about real metamorphosis. Nothing is stable there, and Françoise Lebrun and her accomplice Clara Le Picard point it up at the end of the film, laughing during the two-voice reading of a comic extract by Blanchot, about the boundless generosity of fatigue. (Jean-Pierre Rehm)

  • Françoise Lebrun
  • Clara Le Picard
  • Pierre Creton unter Mitarbeit von Cyril Neyrat und Marie Vermillard
  • Pierre Creton
  • Claire-Anne Largeron
  • Graciela Barrault
  • Ariane Doublet
Capricci Films

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35 mm
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