The Soft Space

Melanie Scheiner, Sofia Bohdanowicz
Kanada 2018
4 min

Cinema’s deepest vocation is the discovery of what Baudelaire called the hidden, secret “correspondences” between very different things – their surprising affinities, echoes, homologies. In this film, Sofia Bohdanowicz and performer Melanie Scheiner pass ceaselessly between the forms and shapes of a train station, and the fragmented glimpses of a “geography of a body”. There is no simple, readable metaphor here; only corners, orifices, muscles, joints, movements, panels, flesh, lights, eyes; proliferating in comparative montage and in our visual memory. THE SOFT SPACE exudes an authentically artisanal physicality and concreteness. (Adrian Martin)

In the presence of Sofia Bohdanowicz and Melanie Scheiner.

  • Melanie Scheiner
  • Sofia Bohdanowicz
  • Melanie Scheiner
  • Sofia Bohdanowicz
  • Sofia Bohdanowicz
  • Sofia Bohdanowicz
Lisa Pictures, Mono No Aware

Sofia Bohdanowicz

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