El laberinto

The Labyrinth
Laura Huertas Millán
Kolumbien, FRA 2018
21 min

An inspired melding of fact and fiction: the Colombian drug trafficker Evaristo Porras, at the height of his criminal ecstasy in the 1980’s, built himself a mansion modelled on the one seen in the TV soap opera DYNASTY. Today it is a paltry ruin, merging into the surrounding forest – so Huertas Millán, expert in “ethnographic fiction”, intercuts it with DYNASTY footage. There is a further element in this intoxicating mix: a shadowy witness-survivor-narrator, telling the historic, SCARFACE-like tale of the Medellín cartel, relating his own nightmarish hallucinations: like the cocaine, mansions and gangsters, he too will fade away. (Adrian Martin)

EL LABERINTO (THE LABYRINTH) - trailer from Laura Huertas Millán on Vimeo.

  • Laura Huertas Millán
  • Laura Huertas Millán
  • Laura Huertas Millán
  • Guillaume Couturier
  • Olivier Guillaume
  • Laura Huertas Millán
  • François Bianco
  • Laura Huertas Millán
Laura Huertas Millán, Studio Arturo Lucia

Studio Arturo Lucia

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