Retrospektive 2013

Sailor Beware

Hal Walker
USA 1952

Nightclub singer Al and the full-time hypochondriac Melvin (Martin and Lewis) land against their will, or contrary to their expectations, in the Navy. The would-be elite squad serves as picturesque background for melting songs and perfect slapstick, which culminates in a, choreographed with Chaplin-like elegance, boxing fight against a rabid heavyweight. Like Cassius Clay some years later said: "Float like a butterfly sting, like a bee!"; at least the first part handles Lewis with perfection.

  • Jerry Lewis
  • Dean Martin
  • Leif Erickson
  • Corinne Calvet - Yvonne
  • Marion Marshall
  • Robert Strauss
  • Martin Rackin
  • J.B. Allardice
  • nach dem gleichnamigen Bühnenstück von K. Nicholson
  • C. Robinson
  • Harry Mills
  • Daniel L. Fapp
  • Warren Low
  • Leigh Harline
  • Joseph J. Lilley
  • Hal Pereira
  • Henry Bumstead
  • Edith Head
  • Hal B. Wallis
Paramount Pictures, Wallis-Hazen
35 mm
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