Retrospektive 2013

You're Never Too Young

Norman Taurog
USA 1955
102 min

On the run from a brutal diamond robber hairdresser's assistant Wilbur is hiding in a sailor suit and gives the childishness and naivety of this typical Lewis character the adequate exterior. Paradoxically the license to silliness leads in some moments to Lewis being an "adult" and comes down from his high artistic level of comedy to have some quieter moments. But do not worry, slapstick and sophisticated musical numbers with partner Martin are also included.

Presented in partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

  • Jerry Lewis
  • Dean Martin
  • Raymond Burr
  • Nancy Kulp
  • Diana Lynn
  • Nina Foch
  • Mitzi McCall
  • Veda Ann Borg
  • Margery Maude
  • Sidney Sheldon
  • Edward Childs Carpenter
  • Daniel L. Fapp
  • Gene Garvin
  • Gene Merritt
  • Archie Marshek
  • Walter Scharf
  • Hal Pereira
  • A. Earl Hedrick
  • Edith Head
  • Paul Jones
Paramount Pictures
35 mm
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