Retro: Éric Rohmer


Eric Rohmer
FRA 1995
100 min

Two street musicians alert us that a rendezvous can be surprising. In the first of the triptych, Esther learns her boyfriend may be cheating on her, so she arranges to meet a flirtatious stranger at a cafe. When she goes, surprises abound. In <![CDATA[<i>]]>The Benches of Paris<![CDATA[</i>]]>, a couple meets in parks to stroll, kiss and talk. She already has a boyfriend, so while he's away, they plan to spend two days in a hotel, pretending to be tourists. Surprises alter their plans. In part three, a painter arranges to meet a Swedish tourist at a cafe. Then he sees a passing stranger, pursues her, and forgets the Swede. Alas, she's married, but advises him about his love life. Her advice gets mixed results.

Françoise Etchegaray (CER)
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