Matthew Porterfield
USA 2010
87 min

]]>PROPOSITIONS]]> Selected examples of a New Cinema

A young man dies of a heroin overdose in an abandoned house in Baltimore. On the eve of his funeral, family and friends gather to commemorate his life. Their shared memories paint a portrait of a community hanging in the balance, skewed by poverty, city living, and a generational divide, united in their pursuit of a new American Dream.
I was raised in a Baltimore suburb wild with unkempt hedges, disheveled lawns and porches, yards full of car parts and swimming pools, and a church or a bar on every corner. This neighborhood, located just inside the city line, is the inspiration for much of my work and sets the scene for Putty Hill. On a most basic level, it is an amalgam of traditional forms of documentary and narrative realism. Though the structure of the film was plotted, the details of individual scenes were largely improvised, breathing life into the dialogue and bringing an enhanced degree of naturalism to the relationships between characters. (Matthew Porterfield)

In the presence of Matthew Porterfield.

  • Sky Ferreira - Jenny
  • Zoe Vance - Zoe
  • James Siebor Jr. - James
  • Dustin Ray - Dustin
  • Cody Ray - Cody
  • Charles «Spike» Sauers - Spike
  • Catherine Evans - Cathy
  • Virginia Heath - Virginia
  • Casey Weibust - Casey
  • Drew Harris - Geoff
  • Marina Siebor - Marina
  • Matthew Porterfield
  • Jeremy Saulnier
  • Phil Davis
  • Nick Rush
  • Marc Vives
  • Sophie Toporkoff
  • Sara Jane Gerrish
The Hamilton Film Group

Jordan Mintzer

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