Life Sublime, The
Daniel V. Villamediana
ESP 2010
90 min

La vida sublime tells the story of Víctor, a young man who finds the passion for life that he is looking for in the figure of his dead grandfather “El Cuco”, and the journey his grandfather made to the south of Spain as a youth in the early 1940’s – a journey that remains a family mystery till today. On his journey the South and the mysterious life of his grandfather open up a fascinating new world for Víctor, a space in which a personal memory that immortalizes “El Cuco” can be created.
In this way La vida sublime becomes a tribute by a grandson to the lost generation of the Franco era, a generation not able to fulfill their dreams, and a quest for the myth, the sublime and a new writing of family history. La vida sublime deals with the issue of borders: borders between North and South, between imagination and reality, between present and past, between grandfathers and grandsons, between Spain and America, and between madness and lucidity.

In presence of Daniel V. Villamediana.

  • Víctor J. Vázquez
  • Minke Wang
  • Emiliana Minguela
  • Álvaro Arroba
  • Pepe Grosso
  • Fernando de la Fuente
  • Pepe Manteza
  • Daniel V. Villamediana
  • Víctor J. Vázquez
  • Daniel Belza
  • Fabio Bobbio
  • Alejandro Castillo
  • Daniel V. Villamediana
  • Fabio Bobbio
El Toro Azul Producciones

El Toro Azul Producciones

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