Chicks - Life at the Ranch
Sophie Letourneur
FRA 2009
92 min

It’s hectically busy on the sofa of students Pam and Manon. They do what girls that age always prefer to do: talk, smoke, drink, chat, party. While she is rarely if ever on-screen alone, the playful, apparently improvised camera focuses on 20-year-old Pam, who with Manon shares an apartment known as the “Ranch”. Their living room seems to be constantly filled with various numbers of other female students and an occasional male. Their primary activity: talking. About Lola who has been dumped by her boyfriend,about Manon’s boots, about Pamela’s bladder infection. They talk until they lose their voices. Yet another less narcissistic reality breaks through occasionally that is typical of the ladies’ student disengagement.
While the film at first sight possesses several characteristics that are common elements in French cinema – such as endless talking – La Vie au Ranch is unmistakably contrary and different: The attraction of the film can be found in its familiar sketch of modern student life in France and, more universally, the director manages to make something clear about a very specific age without saying it.

  • Sarah Jane Sauvegrain - Pam
  • Eulalie Juster - Lola
  • Mahaut Mollaret - Manon
  • Elsa Pierret - Chloé
  • Jade Tong Cuong - Jude
  • Angèle Ferreux - Olympe
  • Rafael Wallon - Rafou
  • Sacha Naigard - Samson
  • Vincent Steinebach - Bart
  • Raphaël Haberberg - Louis
  • Wladimir Schall - Sven
  • Sophie Letourneur
  • Delphine Agut
  • Claire Mathon
  • Julien Cloquet
  • Michel Klochendler
  • Maxence Cyrin
  • Benjamin Siksou
  • Siegfried Jegard
Ecce Films Rezina Productions


35 mm
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