Gus Van Sant
FRA, USA 2007
85 min

In Paranoid Park, Gus Van Sant enters the world of high school kids just as he did in Elephant, achieving this time a much sharper, more focused portrait of how these rapidly maturing young people act, think, speak and behave. Based on a novel by Blake Nelson, Van Sant smartly tells the story in a nonlinear form, the way a frightened kid remembers an incident that will haunt him the rest of his life. As he thinks back and tries to put things down on paper so he can make sense of the whole mess, the story tumbles out in images, evasive conversations and interrupted scenes. Van Sant has made one of his best movies yet, recapturing the magic of his fine earlier works such as Mala Noche and Drugstore Cowboy. (Kirk Honeycutt)

  • Gabe Nevins - Alex
  • Daniel Liu - Detective Richard Lu
  • Taylor Momsen - Jennifer
  • Lauren McKinney - Macy
  • Winfield Jackson - Christian
  • Scott Green - Scratch
  • Gus Van Sant nach einer Erzählung von Blake Nelson
  • Christopher Doyle
  • Leslie Shatz
  • Gus Van Sant
  • John Pearson-Denning
  • Chapin Simpson
MK2 22 rue Traversière 75012 Paris, Frankreich T 1 44 67 30 00

MK2 22 rue Traversière 75012 Paris, Frankreich T 1 44 67 30 00

Stadtkino Filmverleih Spittelberggasse 3/3 1070 Wien, T 1 522 48 14
35 mm
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