Stephanie Rothman
USA 1974
81 min

Working Girls, Stephanie Rothman's last picture produced by her own production company, Dimension Pictures, tells the story of three women looking for a job: Honey, Jill and Denise try to make an honest living in male-dominated Los Angeles.
In balancing the representation of male and female nudes, Rothman rejects conventional structures of objectification and exploitation in favor of reciprocal sexual attraction. Her films embody progressive new attitudes towards human sexuality, attitudes consistent with her liberal feminism. Sex has consequences in the exploitation cinema of Stephanie Rothman, be it the debates about abortion in The Student Nurses or the images of social transformation in Terminal Island. Women have historically had to pay the price for sexual freedom, and so a feminist eroticism requires a recognition of both the costs and the benefits of sex. Rothman's films reject the alienated sexuality of prostitution and sexual exploitation. Her women don't want to «just lie back and take it». Sex is not to be treated as part of a system of economic exchange, but rather to be part of the regeneration of the social order. (Henry Jenkins)

  • Sarah Kennedy - Honey
  • Laurie Rose - Denise
  • Mark Thomas - Nick
  • Lynne Guthrie - Jill
  • Ken Del Conte - Mike
  • Solomon Sturges - Vernon
  • Gene Elman - Sidney
  • Stephanie Rothman
  • Daniel Lacambre
  • Sandy Glieberman
  • John O'Connor
  • Michael Andres
  • Arthur Mortimer
  • Gwyn Ruutz-Rees
Dimension Pictures

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35 mm
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