Thomas Baumann, Martin Kaltner, Matteo Fraterno
AUT, I, 2005

For more than seven years, the Ukrainian cruiser «Odessa» has been lying at anchor in the port of Naples. It was there where the captain and his crew heard the news about the break-up of the Soviet Union, and the bankruptcy of the state-owned shipping company. Since then, the Captain and six crew members have been living on the shallow waters of the port.

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  • Thomas Baumann/Martin Kaltner/Matteo Fraterno
  • Thomas Baumann
  • Martin Kaltner
  • Joerg Burger
  • Thomas Baumann
  • Martin Kaltner
  • Johannes Hammel
Thomas Baumann, Martin Kaltner

Thomas Baumann, Martin Kaltner, Wimbergergasse 15/1, 1070 Wien, T 1 524 92 14, and.again@gmx.net

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