Les LeVeque
USA 2001
12 min

Stutter the Searchers is an re-edit of John Fords frontier saga The Searchers. Fords violent narrative is restructured through the use of condensation, repetition, and the oscillating de-location of the images place within the frame. This work pursues a spiraling, percussive search where flashing images endanger assumptions about home and wilderness. Stutter the Searchers is part of Les LeVeques Reconstruction Trilogy, which also includes Backwards Birth of a Nation (2000), a frame by frame re-editing of D.W. Griffiths Birth of a Nation into a pulsating 13-minute, black and white retinal assault and Red Green Blue Gone With the Wind (2001), a phosphorescent deconstruction of David O. Selznicks Technicolor classic Gone With The Wind.

Part of the program Filme von Les LeVeque

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Video (Betacam SP)
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