Tribute: Peter Hutton

New York Portrait, Chapter II

Peter Hutton
USA 1981
11 min

IMAGES OF ASIAN MUSIC is a contemplative, seemingly timeless record of the years Hutton spent in Southeast Asia while working as a merchant seaman. The film is rich with truly wonderful visions. (Jon Jost) NEW YORK PORTRAIT, Hutton’s sketchbook of mid-1970s New York, edited in three parts over twelve years, is a chronicle of indelible impressions and an act of urban archeology. The artist evokes the city’s delicate rhythms, tonal contrasts, and shifts of scale – scrims of white mist and black smoke, of gauze, cloud, and fluttering pennant… the slight rustle of a homeless man’s shirt; the flowery patterns of rainwater draining from a flooded street; and a winter fog rolling over the sandy rivulets of Coney Island, making of it a lunar park, removed from time. (Josh Siegel, MoMA)

16 mm
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