Tribute: Peter Hutton

At Sea

Peter Hutton
USA 2007
60 min

AT SEA tells the story (“the birth, life and death”, in the director’s words) of a container ship – but there are no words to adequately describe the film’s awesome visual expedition. Hutton knows the sea. His experiences as a former merchant seaman have informed his filmmaking practice, known for its rigor and epic beauty. AT SEA begins in South Korea with diminutive workers shipbuilding. The colossal vessel is revealed in de Chirico-worthy proportions, its magnitude surreal to the human eye. Off to sea, the splendour and intensity of the water – set against the vibrant colours of the containers – causes us to see the world anew. The film concludes in Bangladesh amidst shipbreakers as enthralled by Hutton’s camera as we are by his images. (Andréa Picard)

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  • Peter Hutton
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Peter Hutton PO Box 509 Tivoli, New York 12583, USA T 845 757 2351

16 mm
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