Bill Morrison
USA 1995
6 min

The wind swirls up dust in a desert landscape. The picture is followed by images of clouds racing over the skyline of a city, of reflections on an expanse of water, of waves breaking over an embankment and of row upon row of burning candles. Then, gradually, music sets in: It initially accompanies the images, supports the patterns of movement in their characteristic style, pushes them ahead and enhances their drama. In Nemo, named after the captain in Jules Vernes «Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea», Morrison utilizes images of nature and natural phenomena to compose a cinematic poem about time and transience. (Claudia Slanar)

  • Bill Morrison
  • Michael Montes
  • Bill Morrison
  • Michael Montes
  • Peter Rundquist (Zoar)
  • Bill Morrison
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Hypnotic Pictures

16 mm
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