Tribute Emile de Antonio


Roman Polanski
Polen 1962
94 min

A fantastic first feature from Roman Polanski, Knife in the Water is a very cinematic black comedy. A married couple are spending a holiday weekend on a yacht and invite a handsome young hitchhiker to come with them on their excursion. This leads to a lot of macho rivalry and marital tension as both men flex their muscles and intellect at the unimpressed young wife. There is also a considerable amount of danger the hitchhiker is the silent enigmatic type (with a knife). Paranoia, intrusion, isolation and salacious men are targets for Polanskis sharp, dark wit and Knife in the Water has no shortage (it also has an amusing inflatable crocodile). A disorientating, bizarre atmosphere is created with the help of an energetic jazz score by Polanskis friend Krzysztof Komeda and some starkly slick cinematography. (Danny Carr)

  • Leon Niemczyk - André
  • Jolanta Umecka - Christine
  • Zygmunt Malanowicz - der Student
  • Jerzy Skolimowski
  • Roman Polanski
  • Jakub Goldberg
  • Jerzy Lipman
  • Halina Paszkowska
  • Halina Prugar
  • Krzysztof Komeda
  • Bernt Rosengren
  • Boleslaw Kamykowski
ZRF «Kamera»
35 mm
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