Retrospective 2015

Mon oncle d'Amerique

Mein Onkel aus Amerika
Alain Resnais
FRA 1980
126 min

The first genuine hit in Alain Resnais’ career takes off from the behaviorist theories of French scientist Henri Laborit, which are illustrated by the stories of three separate characters (Gérard Depardieu, Roger Pierre, and Nicole Garcia), each of whom identifies with a different French movie star and whose lives occasionally cross. While the quasideterminist theories of Laborit (who occasionally appears on-screen to lecture us in a white lab coat) are never very interesting or persuasive, the film can never really be reduced to them. What matters here is the fluidity of Resnais and screenwriter Jean Gruault’s masterful storytelling; they manage to convey a dense, multilayered narrative with remarkable ease and simplicity. (Jonathan Rosenbaum)


  • Gérard Depardieu - René
  • Nicole Garcia - Janine
  • Roger Pierre - Jean
  • Henri Laborit - Himself
  • Jean Gruault
  • Henri Laborit
  • Sacha Vierny
  • Georges Prat
  • Jean-Pierre Ruh
  • Albert Jurgenson
  • Arié Dzierlatka
  • Jacques Saulnier
  • Catherine Leterrier
Andrea Films, TF1
35 mm
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