John Gianvito


John Gianvito
USA 2001
168 min

Shot over a period of six years on a minuscule budget and with a cast of nonprofessional actors, The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein revisits the experience of the Gulf War through a reverse lens, focusing on the war's reverberations in America. Set in a different desert, the film presents three stories in three cities, as it follows characters whose lives get altered as a consequence of the war: a Mexican-American woman who has acquired the name Hussein through marriage; a teenage boy adrift in his anger, struggling to affect change; a returning veteran indelibly marked by what he has witnessed and participated in. Working in the space between fiction and documentary, Gianvito's film seeks to resurrect the memory of a time that was too quickly filed away but whose tragic consequences continue to be felt, most profoundly among the twenty-two million people of Iraq. Historian Howard Zinn has called it «both a work of art and a critical piece of history ... thoroughly engaging as a story and provocative as an examination of American values».
«My goal was to try to create a time-capsule of what it felt like to be in America during that period, to preserve as best possible the memories I had of that time, with the hope of encouraging reflection.» (John Gianvito)

  • Thia Gonzales - Fernanda Hussein
  • Robert Perea - Carlos Sandia
  • Dustin Scott - Raphael Sinclair
  • Sherri Goen - Azhar Hussein
  • Carlos Stevens - Ameer Hussein
  • Elizabeth Pilar - Pilar
  • Bill Facker - Mr. Sinclair
  • Ann Dasburg - Anna
  • John Gianvito
  • zusätzliche Dialoge von Suzanne Gaulin
  • Ulli Bonnekamp
  • Will Gethin-Jones
  • John Gianvito
  • Rob Todd
  • Igo Tkachenko
  • Johannes Ammon
  • Jakov Jakoulov
Traveling Light Productions 10 Mt. Vernon Street #3 Arlington, MA 02476, USA T 781 483 3211

Traveling Light Productions 10 Mt. Vernon Street #3 Arlington, MA 02476, USA T 781 483 3211

16 mm
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