V’18: OCTOBER 25 – NOVEMBER 8, 2018


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Jacques Demy
Japan, 1978
124min, eOmfU


Jacques Demy
Japan, 1978
, 124min, eOmfU

Catriona MacColl
Barry Stokes
Christine Böhm
Jonas Bergström
Terence Budd
Constance Chapman
Rosemary Dunham
Christopher Ellison
Gregory Floy
Anouska Hempel
Mark Kingston
Sue Lloyd
Shelagh Mac Leod
Michael Osborne
Consuelo de Haviland
Georges Wilson
Lambert Wilson
Dominique Varda
Patsy Kensit

Mataichiro Yamamoto
World Sales: 
Distribution in Austria: 
35 mm/Farbe

When his wife dies in childbirth, a proud aristocrat refuses to accept that his new offspring is a girl. He names her Oscar and brings her up as a boy, sharing her childhood with André, the son of a domestic servant. Twenty years later, the Lady Oscar gains the position as personal guard to the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, whilst André works in the royal stables. At the royal court, Oscar gains many admirers, to the chagrin of André, who is hopelessly in love with her. Oscar insists that she and André belong to different worlds, but then André enlightens her that her world is about to disappear, swept aside by a national revolution.