Retro Varda/Demy


Jacques Demy
FRA, USA 1968
92 min

It's always interesting to see a foreigner's view of America—here, it is Demy's look at 60's L.A. Looking back in hindsight, it's easy to pick out the details and even clichés that Demy found so fascinating, like fashion, car culture, seemingly endless stretches of buildings and lights, psychedelic music, drugs, underground newspapers, counterculture ideals and, inevitably, the Vietnam War.
The nominal plot is more just a day in the life (almost exactly 24 hours) of a lay about disaffected wannabe architect (Lockwood) who is in a loveless relationship with a pretty but insubstantial young thing (Hay), who meets a mysterious French woman (Aimée). Not much \"happens\", but the themes and details enumerated above all weave their way into this portrait of a \"day in the life.\"

  • Anouk Aimée - Lola/Cécile
  • Gary Lockwood
  • Alexandra Hay
  • Carol Cole
  • Tom Fielding
  • Severn Dardern
  • Neil Elliott
  • Jacqueline Miller
  • Duke Hobbie
  • The Spirit
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