Retrospective 2014

Kentucky Pride

John Ford
USA 1925
77 min

A sentimental horse opera set among the racing crowd in Kentucky. Henry B. Walthall, starred as Beaumont, a horse breeder losing everything he owns on the horse Virginia's Future. His upwardly mobile wife having deserted him in favor of a more financially stable neighbor, Beaumont can only watch as trainer Mike Donovan nurses Virginia's Future back to health and then is forced to sell her to a foreign junk dealer, who mistreats him. A film dedicated to horses, which were used as material in thousands of Western films. A quiet unique point of view in Ford’s Oeuvre.

  • Gertrude Astor
  • Peaches Jackson
  • Winston Miller
  • Belle Stoddard
  • Malcolm Waite
  • Henry B. Walthall
  • Sayre Dearing
  • J. Farrell MacDonald - Mike Donovan
  • Dorothy Yost
  • Georg Schneiderman
  • Elizabeth Pickett
  • Elizabeth Pickett
35 mm
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