William E. Jones
USA 2004
80 min

Is It Really So Strange? investigates the cult of singer Morrissey which has developed in Los Angeles: William E. Jones interviews contemporary fans of The Smiths and Morrissey and immersed himself in fan nights, concerts and hair grease to record what he found to be a complex world: Theres a new brand of Morrissey fan among the Latinos and Hispanics of Los Angeles fans, gay and straight, discuss what Morrissey and his music mean to them. Based mostly in the eastern suburbs of the city, this unexpected cultural development has seen the growth of Morrissey-themed club nights, the rise of the jet-black quiff and even supports its own Mexican-fronted Smiths tribute act, the Sweet and Tender Hooligans. Is It Really So Strange? allows the fans themselves to speak at length about their lives, their loves, and their brief encounters with their idol. They show their bedroom shrines, talk about the nostalgic fashion of the scene, and reveal the private passions that compelled them to worship this working class Irish boy from Manchester who became a great pop star, then moved to Los Angeles.

  • Anita Balandra
  • Elijah Cortez
  • Joel Cortez
  • Dave Ehrlich
  • Jaysin Fail
  • William E. Jones
  • Jim Fetterley
  • William E. Jones
  • Cyril Kuhn
  • Craig Smith
  • Paul Hill
  • Catherine Hollander
  • William E. Jones
  • Jeff Burton
William E. Jones P. O. Box 39564 Los Angeles, CA 90039, USA T 323 665 7240

William E. Jones P. O. Box 39564 Los Angeles, CA 90039, USA T 323 665 7240

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