Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio
Japan 2012
72 min

Pedro González-Rubio depicts Kannogawa, a mountain village, that young people have abandoned for new personal and professional opportunities. INORI sensitively portrays the handful of people who remain: a man still mourning his mother’s loss; an old woman living alone after her husband's death, recounting the tales of her children who now live far away. Following these characters in their everyday lives, one realizes that the film’s focus is universal: people exist like this all over the world. But despite the imminent extinction of the village as a result of modernity's impact, González-Rubio’s approach does not emphasize the sad backdrop. His shots are not elegiac but rather hopeful, capturing the beauty of a place where nature has not become a slave to mankind. (Claudia Piwecki)

  • Fukui Sakae
  • Pedro González-Rubio
  • Pedro González-Rubio
  • Takizawa Osamu
  • Pedro González-Rubio
  • Hector Ruiz
  • Kotani Shigefumi
  • Yanase Tetsuo
  • Ikeo Ryo
  • Ikeo Noriko
Nara International Film Festival

Nara International Film Festival

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