Island of Flowers
Jorge Furtado
Brasilien 1989
12 min

end us in the rubbish. Is that the end of the tomato? No, it gets taken to Ilha das Flores, a rubbish dumping ground where the desperately poor survive on what the rich have thrown away. Following a free association stream of thought, the subtly ironic voice-over uses the humble tomato to explores the difference between humans, pigs and tomatoes.

A deadpan collage on the capitalist culture of waste and inequality, Island of Flowers is a tour-de-force of visual invention and political clarity. Director Jorge Furtado has reaped more awards than his mantelpiece can hold for this skilfully assembled film and 17 years later it remains as relevant and impacting as ever.

Will be screened together with <filmlink id=\"2590\">Tiré dié</filmlink> and <filmlink id=\"2591\">Chircales</filmlink>.

  • Júlia Barth
  • Ciça Reckziegel
Nora Goulart, Monica Schmiedt
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